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Hi John

I took early retirement at 60 when my wife died.

I sold my smallholding & up sticks & ran to France, buying a house in the process.

It didn’t take me many months before I realised, too late, that I had moved to the wrong country.

Within the year I was lucky enough to meet an English lady who had also developed a hatred of all things French.

We moved to Spain, where we have been living very happily for the last 5 years.

We got married last year.

I managed to sell my house in France last year, but at a big loss; having said that, to sell it at all & cut all ties with that God forsaken country was a loss I was prepared to take, rather than pay another penny into the French system.

My wife walked away from her house & business in France having lost every single penny to those thieving, bloodsucking racist bureaucrats.

I have since talked to people of other nationalities, & it would appear that the French are universally disliked.

One man, a Norwegian, was telling me when we had mentioned that we used to live in France, that periodically he drives from Norway to Southern Spain, making sure that he fills his car before entering France & doesn’t stop until he exits the country.

There are at present around one million Brits living in Spain.

The Spanish are very friendly towards us.

The climate is superb.

The cost of living is far less than in France, where the prices of food & basic commodities have gone through the roof.

You certainly made the right decision.

Very happily yours


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