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I hope you will find these links interesting and helpful. An interesting aside is that the majority of the websites about living in France and French property that were set up when we started looking at French property ten years ago are no longer in existence. The same is true of most of the websites of small businesses that I bookmarked eight to ten years ago – especially eager British-run start-ups are no longer in existence. 

So here are some links:


Connexion France: French news in English. The Connexion, the newspaper for English-speakers in France. A monthly review of the key news affecting France and legal, financial and health updates to make life in France easier. Order a trial copy or subscribe at

French Entree: in their own words: “Your complete guide to property and life in France”:  Includes some helpful “look before you leap” information such as their “reality check”.

Complete France: in their own words: “The definitive guide to France and French property”: The site has an excellent forum where there is a wealth of useful information in the old posts. In my opinion, the tone of the forum can be a bit high-and-mighty (but that could be sour grapes on my part as a consequence of the amount of flak I took for this site).

Notaires: a website about notaires:

Buying Property in France: a summary that you may find useful:


My preferred French property sites:

Blue Homes is in my humble opinion the best French Property site. Easy to search, great photo galleries, and they will email updates to you. An unexpected (amusing) bonus is the curious use of English. For example, immediately habitable is usually written as immediately habitably and view of mountains as view at mountains (but let’s not forget that their English is better than my French and German).  

French Property Search  This site has been around for years and is a great source of properties for sale and information.

My French Property  a small group of independent agents providing select listings of French properties for sale.

French Property Links   1000s of French properties in all regions and all price ranges. French properties offered by private sellers & estate agents.

QUERCY GASCOGNE is a family-run estate agency since 1963 selling properties in South-West France. “Welcome to beautiful South West France. The QUERCY GASCOGNE estate agency offers a fully bi-lingual service accompanying you through every step of the buying or selling process from opening your French bank account to reading the meters, signing the contracts and translating where necessary”.

Maison 2  French Riviera Property For Sale, Cote d’Azur and Provence.

Some of my favourite French links (with an emphasis on photography):

Airlines: Air France, British Airways, EasyJetRyan Air 

Photos of the Alps:

Alsace: Photos of Alsace: 

Arthus-Bertrand: photos by Yann Arthus-Bertrand: (apologies to Belgium).

Avignon: Photos of Avignon:

Banks: French banks: Banque de FranceCredit AgricoleCredit Lyonnais

Biarritz: information: 

Photos of Brittany: 

Photos of Brittany: Camaret: 

Photos of Brittany: Oussant: 


Chateau de Clerac near Bordeaux: This place looks fantastic. It claims to be a B&B, but it’s a lot more of a luxury villa, and is run by some very nice people .

Bordeaux tourism site:


Photos of Bordeaux:

Carcassonne: official site:


Photos of Centre: 

C’est La Folie. One Man’s Quest for a More Meaningful Life. Michael Wright’s website is: 

CIA profile of France:


Photos of Corsica: 

Couriers:    Parcel Shipper’ is a discount delivery company.

                      Their business arm is Impact Express.


                    National monuments:

Disneyland Paris: 

France – the official website.

The French information centre, an excellent site:


French food:

Languedoc Roussillion tourism site:

Southern France from the Atlantic to Languedoc & Provence:


Photos of Balaruc-le-Vieux: 

Loire: Photos of Chambord: 

Lourdes information site: 

Lyon: Photos of Lyon: 


French magazines:

French Elle magazine:

French Photo magazine:

Museums: French museums:

Nature photography by Phillipe Richaud: 

Orleans: Photos of Orleans: 


Photos of Paris 1: 

Photos of Paris 2: 

Post: French Post:

Pyrennees: These photo sites are outstanding:

Radio: French Radio: Radio France International: Radio France:

Shipping companies:

                    Parcel Shipper’ is a discount delivery company.

                        Their business arm is Impact Express.





Trains: French trains:

Tourism: Discover France:

               The Official French Tourist office web site:

                France on your own:

                France Tourism:

                French Government Tourism Homepage:

Versaillles: Photos of Versailles:

West France information:


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