If you were to notionally divide your plans to buy a French property and move to France into two “boxes”, a “reality” box and a “dream” box, then this is the “dream” box:

  • The weather.
  • The food. However, as you will see from some of the comments that follow, French food is not necessarily as good as it’s made out to be.
  • The pace of life.
  • French property is cheap, but not as cheap as it was.
  • Beautiful countryside.
  • Good state education (although this is (i) about to undergo major changes and (ii) open to debate as in senior school it tends to favour more able students).
  • Good state healthcare.
  • Low levels of crime (in most places).
  • Roads that are well made, well maintained and not too busy – except around Paris on a Friday afternoon. 
  • Lots of outdoor activities, skiing, hiking, camping, gliding, para-gliding, hang-gliding, beach activities, tennis, golf and so on.
  • Many French people are very polite and have what the British might consider a formal old-world charm about them. 

I take the view that the reasons to move to France are well known and there is no need to go into them in detail. 


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